Food items has this product included to keep its form and shape

carrageenan Carrageen is a sea weed that is found in the oceans and has an ingredient that helps in the thickening of food items, Way back in 400 ad this ingredient was found and since then it is used a s a gelatin and also works well as a homemade cure for cold and fever. The name of the product comes from carrageen the red sea weed found on the coral reefs in the ocean. Lot of people in the past people has raised apprehension on the use of this product, let’s take a deeper look into the subject to see if this product is safe to use or not.

The properties of both the products are poles apart

There two versions of this ingredient with polar characteristics, one is the food graded version and the degraded version. The food graded carrageenan has been used by us for thousands of years and has proved an effective source for someone looking for respite from cold. It can also be used to thicken any food item and has been approved by the government for the usage in food and other edible substances. This is a natural product that can be used anywhere you like as it doesn’t have any side effects.

Use the food graded version for you cold related problems

The degraded version is harmful for health hence advised to be kept away from children. They aren’t similar and don’t have the same properties and benefits, the harmful effects of processed carrageenan is known to all, when taken can cause food poisoning. Due to harmful attributes of the degraded- carrageenan the good qualities of food graded carrageenan got over shadowed, to avoid this misunderstanding the FDA decided to differentiate the two by naming the degraded one as Poligeenan.